Tzivos Hashem is a global organization of Jewish boys and girls up to age thirteen. It is designed to serve as the umbrella of Jewish identity for every Jewish child regardless of background, family status, or orientation.

Tzivos Hashem is dedicated to fostering continuity and a lifetime bond with Jews, G-d, Israel and Torah by building on the natural enthusiasm, curiosity and spirituality that are so abundant in children.

Experience shows that children are the greatest source of hope for a bright Jewish future. Granting them an organic, focal role in Jewish life is critical to our survival as a people dedicated to improving society.

By using high technology and the most contemporary tools, programming and media - and by listening to what children want - Tzivos Hashem has scored a major victory in the battle for a healthy Jewish future.

To date some 600,000 boys and girls have graduated from Tzivos Hashem to a fuller Jewish life. These alumni represent the broadest cross-section of Jewish children in America and around the world. Most are continuing to maintain strong Jewish connection and observance in adolescence, on the college campus and beyond.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe
founder of
Tzivos Hashem

Tzivos Hashem
332 Kingston Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11213