The Lulav Workshop

The Show
For the Holiday of Sukkos, the season of the Arba Minim, here is a wonderful opportunity to teach children about the Mitzvos of Sukkah, and Lulav & Esrog.  
The Lulav Workshop can show your children how to use the Arba Minim and inspire them to bring home the spirit of this precious tradition.

Participants first watch a multi-media slideshow to acquaint them with the significance of this mitzvah and the Holiday of Sukkot, Shmini Atzeres and Simchat Torah and then move on to the show and tell segment.
During the workshop participants get acquainted with the Arba Minim, hands-on.   The children touch, smell and taste exquisite specimens of each of the "four species" the Esrog, Lulav, Hadasim and Aravos.  Participants 'dissect' the Esrog for an in-depth look.  They extract the fragrance from the myrtle leaves for a more deeper experience. 

The students learn a new skill by using unique techniques to braid their own lulav holder and fashioning the lulav bands from strips of palm branches.  Once they learn to bind the lulav, hadas (myrtle) and arovot (willow branches), the children then bind the four kinds together and say the blessing.

Every child can prepare and take home a lulav set of his own or you can arrange for your classes to have their own kosher lulav set, enhancing the experience further. 

The  Lulav set consists of an actual kosher-to-use and complete Arba Minim at a price which is largely subsidized. Participants are also invited to fill out a questionnaire which covers all of the topics that were discussed, thus recapping all that was learnt.  High scorers can win a silver or olivewood Esrog box.

To the Organizer:
The Traditional Crafts of the Jewish People workshop sessions are the perfect opportunity to invite parents to participate in these educational hands-on programs for a generation connecting experience.


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