The Tzitzis Workshop

“They shall make for themselves Tzitzis (fringes) on the corners of their garments throughout their generations” (Bamidbar 15:38)


The skilled hands of Jewish craftsmen have been tying Tzitzis since Moses received the Torah on Mount Sinai . Its part of the Torah, and the Jewish Craft Workshops can make it part of your curriculum.

The Tzitzis Factory offers a hands-on experience to your students that will give them the skills to participate in the unique and mystical Mitzvah of Tzitzis. At the end of the workshop they will be proud to wear their own Arba Kanfos, a Tallis Koton with Tzitzis that they tied themselves. These take home Arba Kanfos will be Kosher and carry the sanctity of the Mitzvah of Tzitzis.

In addition to the actual twisting, winding and knotting of the hand spun woolen Tzitzis strings, and placing them in the four cornered woolen garment we call a Beged, the students are given instruction as to the associated blessings, use during prayer and the mystical significance of this unusual Mitzvah. 

NOTE: The Talis Katan is a traditional four cornered garment fringed with specially tied tassels.



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