Model Matzah Bakery
Classroom Setup


 How to setup for a Model Matzah Bakery Workshop visit.

  • Where your location is around congested vehicle please reserve parking in front of your building to facilitate timely set up .
  • Please make sure the students wash their hands before they attend the Model Matzah Bakery Workshop.
  • Large Room, minimum 20' ft x 40' ft
  • 7-9 Long tables available
  • Uncarpeted floor is preferable
  • Ceiling should be at least 8 feet high
  • Electric outlet rated for min. 20 amps (110 V)
  • Location of fuse box should be known to organizer of event or premises administrator
  • No chairs are needed
  • No stage is needed
  • Presentation cannot take place in the synagogue sanctuary

Participants: Up to 60 students per presentation

Presentation Time:
1st Grade and up: Allow 60-75 min.per presentation
Kindergarten: Allow 45-60 min. per presentation

Notice: If there will be multiple presentations, please arrange your schedule to have consecutive sessions without long delays and allow 5-10 minutes in between groups. We would appreciate a copy of your schedule and an estimate of the number of participants at least a week before the program.