Lulav Workshop
Classroom Setup


Show and tell Segment

  • Please try to have a nearby parking space available for our vehicle so that everything can be unloaded quickly without delay.
  • The program location ideally should be at least 20' x 30'. The staging area should best be uncarpeted, and have good lighting.
  • For the first segment, the children can sit on the floor directly in front of the display table. Chairs are not necessary for children. Chairs for the teachers & parents might be needed.
  • One long table is needed for the demonstration
  • Easy access to an electrical outlet.
  • Since participants will be called up to help, and bring display materials to the audience, an elevated  stage is not advised.


Hands-on Segment: (Optional)

If the students will need to assemble their own Lulavim, additional tables will be necessary. Note: We provide only kosher Lulav sets.
  • 3 tables (for collating each of the Lulavim, Etrogim, Hadassim, Aravot, & assembly materials)
  • 1 table per 6 students (for assembling the Four Kinds)





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